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We insist on positive reputation, excellent products and we cooperate with farms around the world closely.

Our material factories are all trusted and qualified farms and suppliers that have cooperated for many years. We know the harvesting technology is inconsistent with the standard, so we seek to keep up with the latest trends.When you are deciding which brand to choose, our high-quality essential oils and skin care products will be your best choice.

We pay attention to quality management and strict control. All products must pass inspection before filling and packaging, including qualitative , consistency and pH value establishment to ensure product stability and safety.

Brand  insistence

  • No Mineral oil
  • No Alcohol
  • No Pigment
  • No Artificial flavors
  • Not tested on Animals
  • Natural plants extraction
  • Innovative biotechnology

Security test

  • testing method

Each skin parameter needs a special research record, and the use of reliable technology with absolute accuracy and replication efficiency.

Multi-sensory is the primary key to the product


  • Test senses

Appearance, softness, color, smell, ease of application and smoothness, absorption rate... After learning to use the metrics, many groups of specially trained volunteers will test the product texture repeatedly until it is perfect.


  • Be alert to cosmetics,Strictly testEnsure product safety

This helps the product to continue to follow up its side effects after it is launched on the market. Luo Ya Di Biotech works closely with the Customer Relations Department to track and analyze customer opinions (product identification, symptom description, appearance conditions...).

The measures to insist on product efficacy research must be extremely qualified, and tolerance tests must also be conducted under the supervision of a dermatologist.

Driven by rigorous policies and high-performance technology, each product is tested before, after and during use. Each new product also received at least 60 carefully selected volunteers for their opinions. If the product achieves the best results and skin tolerance, you can continue to the next step.



Service items

  • Valet essential oil formula research and development
  • Wholesale of essential oils (imported natural essential oils, Chinese herbal essential oils)
  • Valet cosmetics brand development and marketing
  • Professional salon skin care products wholesale education
  • Entrepreneurship counseling

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